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John Dennis, Managing Partner & Founder, WoodRock & Company

February 21, 2020

We have been working with Allen Austin for almost ten years. As a result of our 16 years in business as WoodRock & Company, as well as each MD’s experience prior to WoodRock & Company with other management recruiting firms, we feel that we have a broad perspective and experience from which we can recommend Allen Austin to any company, in practically any situation. We have recommended them to investment banking clients as well as hired them ourselves for our merchant banking projects. Their approach is different than the big three or four firms, and they deliver a much more hands-on experience led by senior executives. Interestingly, their approach is much like what we explain to our clients: that they are a small, professional services firm with world-level expertise, delivered in a personal manner, by an industry expert. We don’t make referrals of three management recruiting firms: rather, we make a single recommendation when the opportunity arises. More importantly, we recommend meeting Rob Andrews often before the need becomes clear to the others in the room.