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Jim Eggleston, Board Member, Silberline Manufacturing Company

February 21, 2020

Allen Austin is pound-for-pound the best executive search firm that I dealt with over a 40 year career — no contest. In general, the executive search business has become a cookie-cutter industry, sort of a for clients and candidates. Maybe that works for some clients, but it does not serve the client well, and quite often results in mediocre placements and multiple do-overs. Allen Austin takes the extra time, and puts in the extra effort, to UNDERSTAND the client and, more importantly, the client’s culture. Yes, “The Process” is a pain up front, but it virtually ensures a one-time, long-term successful candidate placement. The two-year placement guarantee (for hi-comp candidates) should say it all. AA’s track record is outstanding and (in my experience) is unique in the ES industry, particularly when compared to the bigger firms in the business.