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Hiring the Right People

February 28, 2020

The Total Performance Leadership (TPL) study and dialogue continues. TPL leaders are consistently outperforming the competition by harnessing the power of purpose, clarity, hiring, and measurement systems, in the relentless pursuit of customer delight, cost leadership, continuous improvement, and employee engagement.

Discipline #3 requires, among other things, having a full talent pipeline. No pipeline, no choices. No choices, no quality. TPL organizations have learned how to keep the pipeline full. Here are a few examples of innovative thinking for you to ponder:

A QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) operator who has trained their field managers, store managers and assistants to look for great talent everywhere they go. When any member of the store management team meets a conscientious, hardworking, friendly employee, in another restaurant, a department store, a rental car agency or a snow cone stand, they give the prospect a business card, and if possible, get their name and number. All the names and contact information are entered in to a database and receive regular communications from members of division staff. Since this practice has been in place, the operator’s staffing has gone from an average of 94% to 100%, and there is a consistent backlog of applicants.

A professional services firm who first moved the recruiting function from human resources, to the marketing and business development department. Next they identified substantially all of the licensed professionals in the markets in which they operate, and entered their contact information in to a customer relationship management system. The firm then embarked on a disciplined campaign to develop relationships with the professionals on whom they ultimately depend for profitable growth. The firm sends thought leadership pieces on current trends, ideas for personal and professional growth, and other items of interest to licensed professionals in their space. The CEO also sends handwritten notes to top professionals who have been targeted for recruitment.

A convenience store operator operating in eleven major markets has developed an employment brand so strong, they have approximately 100 people apply for every one person they hire. They’ve employed both of the methods above and much more. Over many decades, they have developed a reputation for being winners, the best of the best. Thousands of proud associates employed by this operator know that their per-store profits are double their next closest competitor, and that they are the pride of their industry. Thousands of associates have become walking, talking ambassadors for their organization. Everyone in the company knows the CEO and his team, fully understands and believes in their strategy, knows how he or she fits in, and works very hard every day to delight customers, minimize costs and reinforce the company’s purpose, which, interestingly enough, is to provide opportunities for employees to grow and succeed.