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Everyone Has A Story – Embrace It, Live It, Share It

February 28, 2020

I always tell my clients that I learn just as much from them as they do from me. Consulting is a process of give-and-take, and learning is reciprocal. We all have unique backgrounds and experiences that help us get to where we are at any moment. Often times, we don’t think about the incidents and occurrences that shape us, and that have made us so successful, but we should. I try and encourage others to recall experiences from their past and to communicate their life stories with as many people as they can. I truly feel that you will never know how you can change a life, impact a person, or make a difference if you aren’t willing to share your knowledge and experiences with others with the hopes of making their lives better.

The process is quite easy. When you want to help others by telling your story, all you have to do is embrace it, live it, and share it.

Embrace it –   The first aspect of telling your story is being proud of all of the past moments that made you the person that you are today. Your journey is unique; every winning moment and every mistake that you have made has helped you gain valuable experience that you can share with the world. Recall these occasions with joy, and be willing to assist others so that they can learn from your insight. Cherish your past and be thankful for what it has taught you.

Live it – Once you embrace your past, you can serve others through the power of gratitude and appreciation. Our job in life is not to be perfect; it is to make mistakes, learn from them, and make ourselves better. Sometimes the reason we make mistakes is so that others after us won’t have to. Just like a parent should do for a child, or a boss should do for an employee, we should try to help others limit their mistakes and teach them the valuable lessons that we have learned. One of the only ways to do this is to explain and share our story.

Share it – There is no reason to gain knowledge if we can’t pass it on to others. Don’t keep your experiences bottled up. Make it a point to, “Pass them on”. If you take a moment to recall how and when you got started, you will surely remember one or more people who helped you – people who answered your questions, gave you advice, and mentored you until you could “fly” on your own. Be open and willing to do the same for others. Take the wisdom that you have been given and make it someone else’s; not only will they feel good, but so will you. There is no greater gift than helping others reach their true potential and by sharing your story, you can make their journey that much easier and enjoyable.

In order to succeed in business today, we need to build trust and establish comfort with our clients. To do this, we cannot be afraid to let them into our world – our own private history, background, and experiences. What our clients appreciate the most from us is when we are honest, genuine, and open. They want to hear about our past struggles, and how we endured. They want to know our secrets to personal happiness and professional success. They want to know that we are, or were, just like them. Therefore, we must tell them our story. We must share the good, the bad, and the ugly. All of it is relevant because it allows us the chance to change their futures and give them hope. Take time to develop your story. Recall all of the events, people, and happenings that make your life unique and special. Then, tell your clients about them. Just remember, your personal story makes you more appreciative, and your clients better prepared.