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Don’t Dwell On What You’ve Done; Focus On What You Haven’t

February 28, 2020

Isn’t it funny how so many of us can do 99 things well out of 100 and yet only focus on the one thing that we didn’t do well? That one unsuccessful task or result seems to haunt our thoughts relentlessly, as if being 99% efficient was a bad thing. Maybe it’s just human nature; or maybe we just need to learn how to let go more often, and get excited about what lies ahead.

You can always look back at your business and your life and see that some goals were met and some weren’t. Some breaks went your way, some didn’t. You were lucky in some cases, and not so in others. The point here is that you are human – you are not perfect and never will be. Therefore, when you look at your track record, be proud of what you’ve accomplished, but be persistent in areas where you haven’t. The things that didn’t go your way must be chalked up to learning experiences, and therefore, must not be looked at as failures. Instead, let them motivate you to find alternative solutions that can still bring out the results that you desire.

I have always found what I don’t know, or what I still haven’t tried, to be exciting. Why? Because learning something new, creating something new, or implementing something new can bring me the results sooner and in a better or more efficient way. How will I know if I haven’t tried it, or if I never knew it existed? It is my responsibility to find out what those things are, whether I research it and do it on my own, or find other experts who can teach me and assist me in making it happen. Remember, this is your life – there is no time to waste when it comes to doing everything that you can to achieve true greatness and fulfill your absolute potential.

Life is not about living in the past; it is about learning from it, taking action and having fun in the present, and building and anticipating a better future. The only way that your future can be brighter is if you are making the most out of every moment in the here-and-now. Don’t settle for just being good; make it your mission to be the best. Find out whatever that means for you, and make it happen. You will learn a lot about business and life that way, and even more about yourself. Success is not always based on what you do; it is often based on whom you become on your journey to get there.

Take the time to jot down what you still want to accomplish in your business and life, and identify the steps and strategies that you have already used. Reinforce the positive approaches from the past and use the negative experiences as learning opportunities. Put more of your focus on new ideas that will spearhead growth, knowledge, and development. Don’t let fear slow you down. Welcome the unknown and get excited about what lies ahead for you. There is still a lot more that can be done to make you an even bigger star; it’s not what you don’t know that will prevent it, it’s the limits that you place on yourself to get there that will.