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Donna Gaines Returns to Gaines International

March 3, 2020

Donna Gaines has returned to Gaines International, a wholly owned subsidiary of Allen Austin, as Founder and Managing Partner; pending two years offering Transition Coaching services to the design profession where she assisted design firms with ESOP’s, Advisory Boards, Value Acceleration Programs, Valuations and several other organizational needs.

Donna Gaines brings decades of search expertise to our firm who acquired Gaines International in October of 2014.   Gaines International has partnered with client companies in the A/E/C space in over 3,000 search engagements, from C-Suite to Project Manager.  These engagements have spanned the globe and have covered every market sector, and every functional discipline.

” I am energized by my partners and staff at Gaines International│Allen Austin. It is like going home after a long vacation. It is so good to be back at the firm I founded; they are my family. I am excited about the interesting initiatives and projects that we are executing on behalf of our clients,” said Donna.