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DARE to Change, Part III: Reinforcing

March 3, 2020

If you have been following this series since its inception, you have no doubt grown in your understanding and ability to create change in your life.  Change is never easy, but it can and has been done and, if you continue on the path that you have begun, change could be just over the horizon.

This third part of the series argues for reinforcing your commitment to change.

One of the greatest challenges to change is maintaining the commitment you have made to change.  For some, the effort required to change is great.  So great is the effort, that it is easy to become weary, lose focus, and not achieve the purposes that you set out to achieve.

If you are to achieve the goal or purposes you set out to achieve, you will need to identify ways to reinforce your commitment to change-to recharge your batteries; to refocus your efforts.  Here are several suggestions:

1.      Re-vision-It is too easy to lose sight of the goal when you are in the midst of the process of change.  Take a moment and remind yourself of the reasons you went down this path.  Re-create the image of what you wanted your life, your work, or other important parts of you to look like when this change was fully realized.

2.      Role Models-If you don’t have a role model for the change you are trying to create, find one.  There may be individuals you know, or individuals they know, who have realized the type of change you want to create.  Find these role models and learn from them-whether in direct dialogue and exchange, or as silent mentors-individuals you can learn about from afar.  Some of the most effective mentors we can identify are those with whom we do not have a direct connection, but ones we can read about, observe from a distance or see in video biographies.

3.      Reinforce-Deepen your commitment to change by developing new ideas, new skills, new approaches to change that will also serve to add new energy and enthusiasm for the outcomes you want to create.

4.      Recommit-Similar to an enlisted military person “re-upping” their commitment to military service, commit yourself to making the change.  Like the pep talk before the big game, get yourself ready to go out on the field again with a commitment to reenergize yourself for the work lies ahead.

5.      Reenter-Reconnect to the commitment that you’ve made to change and continue to advance the agenda you’ve established.

Football and basketball have half-time; tennis has change-overs; and baseball has the seventh inning stretch.  All of these sports realize what you and I must realize:  a commitment to winning requires a break to examine our approaches, and to develop new strategies for success.  Do that.  Then, get back in the game of change!