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Allen Austin’s Total Performance Leadership Press Release

March 3, 2020

Houston based Allen Austin launches Total Performance Leadership (TPL), its unique approach to helping clients build high performing organizations.  “We developed TPL as a result of research we began eighteen months ago for our next book, Total Performance Leadership,” said Rob Andrews, founder and CEO of Allen Austin. “We are examining the characteristics that differentiate high performing organizations from their counterparts. Our study group includes privately held and public companies in industries such as energy, consumer products, health care, technology, not-for-profit organizations, academic intuitions and government organizations. We are meeting with fascinating people – CEOs and senior leaders who’ve been willing to share their personal experiences in building purpose driven, high performing organizations, and what we’re learning is nothing short of amazing. For instance, organizations in our study consistently outperform their counterparts by 25% or more.”

“TPL combines our proprietary Foresight™ and Insight™ consulting processes to help our clients develop and cultivate critical elements shared by exceptional organizations,” said Tom Fritsch, Allen Austin’s President. “These include things like cohesive leadership teams, an engaged workforce, strategic clarity, and execution excellence.”

The results are impressive. Since implementing its Foresight™ retained search process 22 years ago, Allen Austin has achieved a 92% placement retention rate at the two-year mark compared to an industry average of 55%, a 97% offer/acceptance ratio, compared to an industry average of 70%, and offers a full two – year guarantee on all executive placements above $225,000 in total cash compensation. The results achieved with the Insight™ strategic transformation process are equally impressive, with a number of clients delivering financial returns that outperform competitors by 25%, or more.

Total Performance Leadership helps build and cultivate the following:

  • Cohesive Leadership: “Walks the talk;” provides clarity, direction, resources and an enabling environment:
  • Purpose Driven Culture: Demonstrates the organization’s purpose, mission, vision and values in action
  • Workforce Engagement: Fulfilled, accountable & collaborative employees with a high level of business acumen
  • Customer Centric: Relentless focus on customer’s wants & needs; engaging them, anticipating their needs and creating raving fans
  • Strategic Clarity: Stakeholders are clear about where the organization is going, how it plans to get there, and their role in successful execution
  • Measure what Matters: Measuring & rewarding critical elements of culture, performance, strategic progress, customer satisfaction, etc.
  • Fit-for-Purpose Systems: Mission critical systems for safety, training, cost management, operations, pricing, marketing, etc.
  • Execution Excellence: Getting things done, and done very well
  • Sustainability: Cultural endurance, bench strength, employee development & succession planning
  • Executive Hiring: New leadership that integrates with the team and delivers immediately, while delivering outstanding results both short and long term.

Examples of Allen Austin’s clients include:

For more information, please visit or call us at 713.355.1900. Our Total Performance Leadership leaders email addresses are listed below.

Rob Andrews

Tom Fritsch

Sean McBride