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7 Steps To Enhancing Your Transportation and Infrastructure Practice

March 3, 2020

Efficient and resilient transportation systems touch every community, business and household in America through job creation, productivity enhancements and improved U.S. competitiveness. Transportation made this country into the great nation it is, and here at Gaines International | Allen Austin, we strive to partner with our transportation and infrastructure clients in identifying key talent to continue this important work.

Most of the nation’s critical public transportation infrastructure systems were being designed and constructed in the 1960s. However, since this time, the U.S. population has doubled and as a result, much of the nation’s infrastructure has fallen victim to neglect, underfunding, underappreciation and the natural erosion that comes with age. Deteriorating bridges and highways, crowded transit systems, congested airport runways and terminals, aging ports and inland waterways all suffer cumulative effects which threaten U.S. productivity growth and undermine our country’s competitiveness in the ever expanding global economy.

As we know, transportation infrastructure is the backbone of a modern, competitive and productive economy. Specifically, interrelated and mutually reinforcing transportation infrastructure systems facilitate the efficient movement of goods and services, promote trade and commerce, connect supply chains, and reduce operating costs across a diverse set of industries. Our country’s government and business leaders are awakening to the need for an improved infrastructure and the economic benefits of investing in this critical system!

This awakening will result in extraordinary opportunities for engineering and constructions firms within the Transportation and Infrastructure industries. In turn, there will be a tremendously positive impact on the economy and quality of life for the citizens of the United States.

The Transportation and Infrastructure Practice at Gaines International | Allen Austin is focused on identifying, engaging and attracting the next generation of engineering and construction leaders who have the vision and skill to directly impact the success of our client companies and the economic resurgence of our country.

The practice team is comprised of seasoned search veterans with extensive national experience in architecture, engineering, design and construction. The combination of well-practiced, unique processes and broad industry experience allows us to deliver more value and make a larger impact on the success of our clients than anyone else in the business.

At Gaines International | Allen Austin, we practice Retained Search as it was intended, as a specialized form of management consulting, utilizing our unique, 35-year-old, evidence-based process which has shown to produce unprecedented results for our clients.

Our Strategic Transformation Solutions are delivered with sustainability in mind, so that our clients enjoy a minimum of 10X return on their investment. Our purpose, quite literally, is to enhance the lives and effectiveness of our associates, clients and leaders of the world.

This orientation toward relationships causes our management consultants to act in the best interest of our clients, as well as all of our stakeholders. We’re trying to change the world for the better, not just ring the cash register. Everything we do in your organization is designed with the transparency and knowledge transfer necessary to produce permanent solutions.

Proprietary 7 Steps of Gaines International | Allen Austin Foresight™ Search Process

  • A full one year guarantee on all executive placements above $225,000 in total cash compensation.
  • A focus on lasting, long-term, value-added relationships versus transactional order taking; we aim to fulfill our purpose of enhancing the lives and effectiveness of our clients.
  • Commitment to partner-level execution of mission critical activities, including candidate contact, candidate evaluation, due diligence and reference audits.
  • An Organizational and Position Needs Analysis resulting in comprehensive understanding, specification and roadmap, reflecting specific performance expectations and critical success factors in our client’s unique culture and environment.
  • A search strategy designed to bring the best talent available to the table, surfacing hidden talent NOT on the radar screen of the search community at large.
  • A candidate self-appraisal that compels less than ideal candidates to self-select out of specific search scenarios in which the fit is less than ideal.
  • A 360-degree Reference Audit Process that effectively reveals true strengths, weaknesses, proclivities, and fit indicators.

Proprietary Gaines International | Allen Austin Strategic Transformation Solutions:

  • Organizational Review: Quickly reveal your greatest opportunities for improvement and a path forward, complete with all the methodology necessary for execution.
  • Organizational Transformation: Take your organization to its highest possible level and learn the power in shared vision, and setting and achieving impossible goals.
  • Building Purpose Driven Cultures: Engage your entire organization (not just shareholders) in achieving your organizational objectives.
  • Leadership Communications: Dramatically improve leadership effectiveness at all levels of your organization. Simplify, streamline and standardize communications.
  • Board Effectiveness: Design and build Boards with the purpose, players, roles and responsibilities, motivation and compensation to maximize value for all stakeholders.
  • Process Value Improvement: Assess, prioritize risks and opportunities, allocate resources and assign SME teams, develop and implement action plans, execute and measure results.
  • Business Analytics: Effectively utilize the study of data through statistical and operations analysis, predictive models, application of optimization techniques and the communication to customers, business partners and colleagues.
  • Merger and Acquisition Evaluation: Evaluate acquisitions to avoid the most common scenario in which value created goes to shareowners of the target companies at the expense of the acquirer.
  • Executive Coaching & Development: Assess your leadership team, identify high potentials and develop plans to enable leaders to achieve their full potential.
  • Strategic Decision Making: Learn a structured approach to making clear and confident decisions when faced with complexity.


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