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Thinking About What’s Possible

Possibility Thinkers and Thinking About What’s Possible

September 18, 2019
One of our new clients asked me this week what I look for in a key executive. The list is long, but the propensity to see and think in terms of what’s possible is near the top of my non-negotiables. Possibility thinking is a term that is not as popular as it was during the eighties, but more...

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Leadership Strategies for Tomorrow's Leaders

Leadership Strategies for Tomorrow’s Leaders

June 12, 2019
A friend and thought partner of the firm, Mike Lejeune, is a host of a new platform for leaders across industries to share their insights, pain points and experiences. He sat down with our CEO, Rob Andrews, to talk about Total Performance Leadership (TPL). TPL is our  research-based architecture...

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Answer the So What Question to Attract Top Talent

Answer the “So What” Question to Attract Top Talent

May 09, 2019
Why should an “A Player” who is head down, working hard and doing a great job for your #1 competitor consider coming to work for you? If your words don’t yet paint a picture that reflects a very compelling Why, you’ve got work to do. Short of being just plain lucky, if you’re not able to...

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When you want to help others by telling your story, all you have to do is embrace it, live it, and share it. 

Everyone Has A Story – Embrace It, Live It, Share It

May 30, 2018
I always tell my clients that I learn just as much from them as they do from me. Consulting is a process of give-and-take, and learning is reciprocal. We all have unique backgrounds and experiences that help us get to where we are at any moment. Often times, we don’t think about the incidents...

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Alter your hiring practices by solely concentrating on "skill" but focus on how a potential employee handled the situation and make sure that what you are looking for is a part of their character.

Does Past History Help to Predict Future Performance?

May 16, 2018
The recruiting process is supposedly designed to ferret out talent a potential employee possesses, to provide insight in selecting the right person to join our team. So why do people appear to succeed in previous roles, then fall short of expectations when we hire them? Development of recruiting...

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Provide opportunities for employees to grow and succeed by following the example of a organization who values a very distinct hiring process.

Hiring the Right People

March 21, 2018
The Total Performance Leadership (TPL) study and dialogue continues. TPL leaders are consistently outperforming the competition by harnessing the power of purpose, clarity, hiring, and measurement systems, in the relentless pursuit of customer delight, cost leadership, continuous improvement, and...

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