Announcing the Launch of our Organizational Health Index

November 25, 2019



We are announcing the launch of our Organizational Health Index, something about which many of our clients are excited. OHI is a time and cost effective method of determining your organization’s health relative to nine principles we see at work in companies that outperform their peer group. Much like making connections between your blood pressure, heart and lung function, body mass index, and other vital signs to those associated with optimal health, OHI measures nine cultural imperatives (principles) necessary to achieve a culture of peak performance. The cultural imperatives we measure are: Unified Leadership, Leading with Purpose, Hiring Practices, Clarity, Measuring what Matters, Customer Experience, Stakeholder Engagement, Cost Leadership and Staying Ahead of the Curve. Taking the OHI is like getting a thorough physical exam. It’s always a great idea, whether you’ve decided to go for optimal health, you’re not feeling that great, or if you feel just fine. It’s just good business.

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