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Allen Austin Launches Executive Mentorship

February 10, 2021


Karina Brisack

(Houston, TX) – Wednesday, February 10, 2021 – Allen Austin, a leading executive search and leadership advisory firm based in Houston, and parent company to Gaines International, is announcing a new service offering: Executive Mentorship. This service connects talented new executives with qualified external mentors, providing a confidential space for learning and development.

“Our reputation as one of the world’s most effective retained search firms has been built largely on a commitment to facilitate matches that work and last. We practice search as a specialized form of management consulting and are known for helping clients get clear about exactly what they are trying to accomplish and who and what they need to get there. We want candidates and clients to be happy together for many years to come,” says Danielle Mairs, Managing Partner of Leadership Advisory. To Allen Austin, mentorship is an extension of that same idea. “We match new hires with mentors who have been in their shoes, who know what it takes to succeed. It’s an investment in talent for the long term.”

Allen Austin, in partnership with Executive Springboard, engages a diverse group of 80+ mentors, representing 15 functional areas, 10 countries, and decades of experience in Fortune 1000 companies. Each mentor has a minimum of 6 years of experience as a senior officer and a long history of service as an internal mentor.

“When they’re already at the top level of an organization, where are new leaders supposed to go for guidance? Too often, there’s no answer to that question,” says Steve Moss, President of Executive Springboard. “Even when there is internal mentorship available, it can be hard for executives to be vulnerable with their coworkers while establishing themselves as new leaders. We see external mentorship as the solution to that problem.”

In Allen Austin’s program, mentorship is confidential. Mentees, not mentors, report on their progress. This lets employers understand the return they get on their investment. It also leaves mentees free to ask questions they may otherwise avoid, receiving expert advice from an impartial perspective.

Mentorship programs are available at both the Vice President and C-Suite levels, and it is offered either as an add-on service to a search engagement or as a standalone service.

To learn more, please visit our website or contact Danielle Mairs at

About Allen Austin

Allen Austin is a global management consulting firm specializing in retained search and leadership advisory. In an industry that has not innovated in over 100 years, Allen Austin delivers solutions based on Total Performance Leadership™, the nine principles that enable organizations to reach their highest potential, engaging their workforces and delivering unprecedented shareholder returns.

We are trusted advisors to boards, CEOs, and senior leaders of companies small and large, public and private, family-owned, private equity, venture-backed, domestic and international. You can count on us for competence, understanding, empathy, consistency, transparency, and honesty, even when it is not convenient.  Allen Austin’s core purpose is to improve the lives and effectiveness of our associates, clients, and the leaders of the world. Our mission is to help leaders build high performance, purpose-driven organizations that produce unprecedented results. For more information, please visit


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