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About Us

Allen Austin is a Top 40 global management consulting firm specializing in retained executive search (retained search) and leadership advisory, with partners managing client engagements from offices in multiple cities in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and The Middle East. Allen Austin’s purpose to enhance the lives and effectiveness of our associates, clients, and leaders of the world means you come first.

Having rejected order-taking and cookie-cutter solutions and ringing our cash register at our client’s expense, every retained search, leadership advisory, and board service engagement we deliver is customized and carefully crafted to add sustained value to your organization. The partners at Allen Austin have seen every engagement to fruition and execute all mission critical phases of each assignment.

In an industry that hasn’t innovated in a hundred years, we’ve been focused on how to “do it better”, whether that’s focusing on high performance cultures, ideal fit, engagement, value delivery, or retention. Our proprietary Foresight™ process, which has evolved over 27 years and is the most advanced, evidence-based process of which we are aware, ensuring the best possible fit for our clients.

Allen Austin’s solutions are all based on Total Performance Leadership™ (TPL), our commitment to improving the global workplace. With 90% of the world’s workforce disengaged, and badly broken hiring processes, resulting in 50% failure, we have the ability and the responsibility to help. TPL is a journey and a commitment. It is a battle-tested, research-based architecture that combines Foresight™ and Insight™, our Transformative Architecture, designed to help boards and senior leaders build high performance organizations that consistently outperform markets, deliver superior shareholder returns, have engaged workforces, and exceptional leadership teams.

  • We are trusted advisors to boards, CEO’s, and senior
    leaders of companies small and large, public and private,
    family owned, private equity, venture backed, domestic and international.
  • You can count on us for competence, understanding, empathy, consistency, transparency, and honesty, even when it’s not
  • Allen Austin’s core purpose is to improve the lives and effectiveness of our associates, clients, and the leaders of
    the world.
  • Our mission is to help leaders build high performance, purpose driven organizations that produce unprecedented results.

Mission, Vision and Values

Allen Austin provides integrated leadership solutions that enable our clients to unleash the full potential of their organizations and deliver outstanding business results.

Allen Austin is the world’s
premiere consulting practice focused on
helping business leaders build highly
successful organizations that create
exceptional value.

Our firm is a great
place to work, providing our
people with the opportunity
to develop, grow and make
a difference in the world.

Our History

When our founder, then serving as Executive Vice President of an East Coast executive search firm, started to develop what we now refer to as the Allen Austin FORESIGHT™ process, the principals of that firm responded with these words: “Rob, you are a very misguided young man. You are all consumed about how long these people stay, how well they perform and how much enterprise value they deliver.